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The city of Zadar is situated in the heart of the Adriatic, and it is not just an urban centre of northern Dalmatia but with its administrative, economic, cultural and political importance it constitutes the centre of the region with 92.000 inhabitants.

Orchestra of nature

A place that everyone should have visited is the ‘sea organ’ in Zadar. This is a place where human ideas and skills are joined with the energy of the sea, waves, high and low tide, a place of relax, thinking and conversation accompanied by the continual concert of the mystical tones of the “Orchestra of Nature”. The instrument has 7 chords of five tones from the matrix of Dalmatian harmony singing groups. Just as the sea energy is unpredictable in the countless changes of high and low tide, size, force and direction, so is the eternal concert of the sea organ unrepeatable in its countless musical variations whose author and interpreter is nature itself.

Greeting to the sun

After the world-known Sea Organ, Zadar has become wealthier with one more urban installation. The Greeting to the sun consists of three hundred multi-layered plates placed at the same level as the stone-paved waterfront and in the shape of a 22-meter-diameter circle.

Under the glass conduction plates are photo-voltage solar modules through which symbolic communication with nature is performed, with the aim of communicating with nature just like the Sea Organ, the latter with sound and the former with light.Simultaneously with the „most beautiful sunset in the world“, the lighting elements installed in a circle turn on and, following a particularly programmed scenario, they produce a marvelous and exceptionally impressive show of lights in the rhythm of the waves and the sounds of the sea organ.