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The apartments

Family- and couple sized apartments

The apartment where you will be staying can be situated on the first or second floor where there is also another apartment. Each apartment has it’s own entrance and private facilities. The apartements do not differ much from each other. Tough, there is a ‘type A’ apartment and ‘type B’ apartment.

    • The total surface of one apartment is approximately 60m². This makes the apartments perfect for maximum 4 adults or 2 adults and maximum 3 children.
    • It is not allowed to smoke inside the apartments or to bring pets.
    • Residence ‘Villa Dolmar’ also offers you the possibility to rent the complete villa (4 apartments).
    • There is big parking area available.
    • There is a playground in the garden with a big trampoline, little slide, swings, ping-pong, a soccer table and badminton.
    • There are bikes available.

Apartment type A

These type of apartments have a larger sleeping room then type B apartments. Some people prefer this, because they have a little child for example and want to place a cot. This results in a smaller living room and terrace.

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Apartment type B

These type of apartments have a larger living room then type A apartments.
This living room is separated from the sleeping room with an extra hallway. This apartment has a larger terrace. This results in a smaller sleeping room.

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